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The last movie turned out great, would like to make another

Nov. 24th, 2016 | 10:59 am

Who wants my new story? The last one I created helped generate 2.5 billion dollars in global revenues for the company that used my story, not too shabby?

Bernie Sanders for President!

May. 6th, 2015 | 09:39 pm
mood: hopeful hopeful


Go Bernie!

2012 Olympics - Streaming Online, sort of...

Jul. 27th, 2012 | 11:35 am
mood: sad sad

Well, I was excited to read that NBC would be streaming the Olympics online. That is, until I tried to watch and it wouldn't let me because I'm not a cable TV subscriber. I threw out my TV years ago. If you have kids, having cable TV is a TERRIBLE idea. I love my kids, so, no TV.


Thirsty? Then bend over and grab your ankles…

Jul. 27th, 2012 | 11:32 am
location: Ohio State Fair
mood: pissed off pissed off

Chances are, if you’ve gone to a football game, to a state fair, to play golf, or to a movie theater in the past couple years you will have found that drinks (even non-alcoholic ones) start at $3, $4, or more – maybe even $8 - $10 for a basic non-import beer.

This offends me even MORE than it would if I were to walk up to the counter and have the clerk yell “F#@K YOU” right in my face.

Just because a vendor/company/organization has you inside where there either is no competition, or prices can be fixed, it does not make it right. It does not make it reasonable. It does not make it ACCEPTABLE. Workers should refuse to sell drinks at such unreasonable prices. YOU should stop tolerating this. Please, next time you see it: tell the vendor/manager/owner that they should GO TO JAIL for such outrageous immoral price gouging.

(no subject)

Oct. 5th, 2011 | 05:27 pm
mood: contemplative contemplative

If we didn't have roads, airports, schools, etc... Then people would have a hard time becoming wealthy in the US. It is a fallacy to say that anyone earned what they have on their own, with just their own hard work. It is the combination of government run infrastructure + [I]regulated[/I] capitolism that has allowed our country to be great and prosperous.

I'm a little excited by the "we are 99%" protesters, though I'm not to sure that they will gather enough momentum or broad enough support to actually fix our broken country and restore the Constitution.

The excessive greed of the rich elite is a festering boil on our country that needs to be popped and cleansed.

The problem with making government run banks and healthcare would also be greed - the same people that are wealthy now would sink their hands into those organizations AND every other little guy who could get away with it would suck money out of the system through a hundred thousand different corruptions driving up costs and driving down the quality and value of service.

IF we could somehow have a medical system like they do in Japan and protect it from being ruined by greed and corruption then I would have no problem with letting rich elite earn more and more money beyond what anybody "needs" - it's just when they are able to blatantly disrespect laws, regulations, and morality in the name of greed that I say IT MUST BE STOPPED.

(no subject)

Aug. 4th, 2011 | 02:56 pm
mood: pissed off pissed off

So, I was having this conversation with a guy who says if we "tax the rich" they will just "take their investments elsewhere". My response:

So, you are against having a strong middle class population?

You want a society of elites + serfs?

And if the serfs are not happy and try to revert to a government "of by and for [B]The People[/B]" the elites should move to other countries taking the wealth earned off the backs of American workers with them?

I can imagine hearing it, now that the wealth of the middle class has been sucked away by the rich, the rich will start to say: "we don't want to pay for police, fire fighters, hospitals, and roads for [I]those [/I]poor people - why should we, we "earned" this money and it's our right to do with it what we please!"???...

Screw the majority of Americans now that they have little wealth left to fleece? We've put them in debt, taken their homes, lowered their wages, increased the cost of their healthcare and subsidized the production of wheat and corn so heavily that they've practically stopped eating any healthy foods?...

Genetic engineering and diversity.

May. 29th, 2011 | 10:16 am

 Genetic engineering AND diversity are both important.

The importance of diversity is, unfortunately, not generally as much of a motivating factor as profits.


I am in favor of a government where INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM comes before corporate freedom. I'm not opposed to regulations of corporations which seem to restrict what most people would consider "their right" to run the corporations they way they want to, when those regulations protect things like genetic diversity, the environment, etc.

I would rather see companies like Monsanto go out of business, than have one single [patented] type of corn/wheat/or soybean seed supplant the multitude of varieties which had existed previously.

I would rather see a dozen different kinds of bananas at stores than one or two companies with one exact type of banana sold in every store across the US.

If we have corporations which offer "custom" genetically engineered babies, we have to assume they will vigorously advertise specific features as desirable - [most] people [who can afford it?] will all want their children to have whichever traits are deemed "best" and genetic diversity will be diminished.

Perhaps it's time for the era where profit is the single dominating factor over how almost all of the world's major activities to come to an end. Perhaps Capitalism, as it exists in the US and most of the world today is obsolete.

Perhaps caretaking of the Earth and it's natural resources should be the primary guiding factors. If the government puts a price on pollution, and changes regulations so that penalties for corporate violations of regulations are more than just a "slap on the wrist" that can be ignored by companies like B.P., there could be some hope that the world could be a pleasant place for our descendents.

Just like we have fire fighters and police to protect individuals, homes, families - we need the government to protect things which are valuable to society such as small local farms growing diverse produce and animals rather than giant monocrops of corn and wheat which are turned into corn syrup, white flour, and oil that are used to create the majority of overly processed sweet starchy oily ready to eat boxed and frozen foods on the supermarket shelves. Small farms with humanly raised livestock instead of giant corporate meat farms which irresponsibly send millions of tons of un-degraded animal waste into our rivers, stink up towns, and make all of us who just want to eat a hamburger into animal torturers.

As long as the corporate farms which grow primarily corn, wheat, and soy receive all most ALL of the huge sums from government crop subsidies, the smaller, more diverse "family" farms have little hope of competing. Genetically engineered mono-crops will reign supreme and the health of America as a whole will continue to decline.

(no subject)

Nov. 8th, 2010 | 01:34 pm

If we let the government take away our freedom in the name of "national security", the terrorists win.

Hello World?

May. 25th, 2010 | 12:09 am
mood: sleepy sleepy

Don't my posts show up if somebody googles words I've tagged?  

I feel like I may as well have been scribbling gibberish on a leaf stuck under a rock, in a cave, in a desert, underground, on a remote pacific island that sunk underwater, then was covered by a lava flow before it was crushed by a giant meteor...

I'd probably get more comments if I did sign language with my hands inside of a box... 

Star Wars: The Force, err, Farce Unleashed

Nov. 11th, 2009 | 12:56 pm
mood: annoyed annoyed

At first, I was excited - oh goody!  It's come to PC finally!

But then...  Even the reviewers only rate it 5 of 10, and they're usually generous.

I guess it's: "Star Wars: The Farce Unleashed"

Some of the very early Lucas Arts game on PC were phenomenal - X-Wing, and Tie Fighter were both easily two of the top ten best video games of all time.  To be fair, I suppose they are so similar that they should share a spot together.

I suppose I'll try it, if I can find it for free, or a free demo...